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Corporate Chair Massage Services

I specializing in corporate chair massage. I am committed to help you create a more peaceful and healthy work environment — an environment where an employee can feel their best and do their best work. Chair massage has the potential to improve the quality of your workplace resulting in increased productivity, loyalty and morale.

Massage sessions are typically 15 minutes in length and focus on the back, shoulders, neck and arms. The employee remains fully clothed and oil or lotion is not necessary. Your employee will return to work feeling energized, refreshed and at their best to meet the daily challenges ahead.

We will work with you to design a custom program to fit the unique needs of your company including NO cost to the employer. Discover the secret behind the success of so many top companies and begin reaping the rewards of a happier and healthier work force.  

Workplace Massage Benefits 

Employees that receive massage work as part of a corporate wellness program feel less stress, are more productive on the job and are less likely to take unplanned time off from work.
-HR Magazine


Employer benefits: 

  • Increases productivity and accuracy by reducing stress levels, leaving employees able to function at their very best.
  • Better morale, loyalty and employee retention when workers see a proactive employer commitment and feel valued for their individual contributions.
  • Reduces sick time and other health care costs through promotion of overall health and wellness.


Employee benefits: 

  • Increases ability to manage job related stress through promoting relaxation while reducing anxiety and fatigue.
  • Improves ability to function comfortably andeffectively at work by reducing muscle tension and pain resulting in more energy, better concentration and ultimately higher job satisfaction.
  • Promotes good health through awareness of correct posture, increased blood flow and natural breathing. 

An Ontario company reported a 25% reduction in time off for work related injuries and compensation claims dropped by $200k after implementing a massage therapy program.
                                                                                                   ~Financial Times


The Effect of Chair Massage on Stress Perception of Hospital Bedside Nurses

Mary Kay Brennan, RN, LMBT; Dr. Rita D. Debate, PhD, MPH, CHES

Context: Studies have shown that hospital bedside nursing is a stress-loaded occupation. Massage therapy has been shown to be an effective intervention in stress management.

Objective: The goal of this study was to determine if a 10-minute onsite chair massage was more effective at reducing stress perception of hospital bedside nurses than a 10-minute break.

Design: Randomized trial with a control group, who took a 10-minute break, and a study group, who received a 10-minute chair massage.

Setting: A small suburban hospital on the maternity, medical-surgical, telemetry, and critical care nursing units.

Participants: 82 bedside nurses.

Main Outcome Measure: Stress perception was assessed using the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) in an experimental pretest/posttest design and analyzed using t-tests for independent samples.

Results: Stress perception was significantly lower in the study group after the chair massage (P<.05) and not significantly changed in the control group.

Conclusion: The results of this study support the effectiveness of chair massage in the reduction of stress perception for this population. Further research is warranted to study the feasibility of providing chair massage on a regularly scheduled basis on a nursing unit, as well as its impact on other aspects of a nursing position, such as job satisfaction, retention, absenteeism, injury and workers' compensation claims.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to study the effects of chair massage with individuals in other occupations that are identified as being high stress and burnout occupations.

For more information about this study, contact M.K. Brennan at 704-536-3446.


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